999 littleBIGthings is just a time-ticking countdown of small little things of our life. Launched March, 2011 and updated regularly. Its an attempt to look closely at small thing in life which gives us real happiness rather than waiting to be happy someday. It is inspired from a play “Wah Guru” where the student asks his Guru, what would be his perfect day. The Guru says, going out , sitting below a tree with friends, then have lunch with dal,rice and one vegetable, then listen to old 60’s songs on radio , coming home and having a cup of tea and at night nice dinner of fish fry with curry. On this the student says “Guru, your perfect day is so simple”. On which the Guru replies ” Dear, perfect things are simple”. This is an attempt to observe and share such simple things from my life ,from your life.


4 Responses to About

  1. indrajeet says:

    Your blog is awesome. Keep up the good work.
    Big life surely is in the little little happiness.

  2. Himali Kelvekar says:

    I have written an article or 2 about some really touching incidents which I have come across so far. They bring out the tiny things which make a huge change in our perspective towards everything, especially happiness. I have even titled one of them as ‘The little big happiness’. I will share it with you guys soon hopefully!

  3. Hey999littlebigthings,
    It has been quite long since you last visited my blog and shared your valuable feedback! 🙂
    Here are some tokens of remembrance, and appreciation for you. I will actually be glad if you just visit and accept, no rules necessary. and hey, I miss you. Please keep writing!
    Sincere wishes,

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