#948 listening to the sound of scissors during hair cut

After surfing 2-3 Bollywood magazines while waiting for your turn in your hair cutting saloon you get a chance to be on the Hot Seat. The white cloth covers your entire body except head which is now in the hands of your hair dresser. After asking you a few questions about which style you want (whatever u answer , it has not connection with final result ;))the cutting process begins. In the backdrop of songs you start listening to the sound of scissors cutting your hair. It takes you out of this world completely. You forget all your worries and just be with the sound of scissors. A stage comes where you no more think of what style of how much length you want your hair to be . You just enjoy being with that music of the scissors with your hair. Absolutely mesmerizing. If you haven’t listened it yet, no problem do it in your next visit to your hair dresser. Do enjoy this littleBIGthing 🙂


About 999 little BIG things

little BIG things is just a time-ticking countdown of 999 little BIG things. Launched March, 2011 and updated every day.
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