#986 Joining FaceBook

What’s the big deal with joining FaceBook ? It’s just another social networking site isn’t it?

I have more than 350 friends on FB. These are my childhood friends, school friends, college friends, and friends from all my previous and current organization, friends I have met during various programs, events, clubs, institutions, and most importantly my family members. So what?


Today I am pretty much confident; I can take a point and stand by it. But was I always like this? No I definitely don’t want to go behind 1999 , oh 1995-99 is ok somehow but years before that….no ways. I don’t even want any of the friends who knew me closely then. I have a ‘me’ which was absolutely insufficient and inadequate then. I knew ‘I am not enough’ …I knew “I was not enough” What if someone tags a then photograph of mine? What if someone writes something of those days on my wall? How can I deal with that? It made me angry when I thought about them infiltrating my life. The old stuff those friends will post. When I see myself there is a part of me that I thought, “I hate that boy. He’s not part of me.” Then I thought of actually facebooking and blogging my fears. This post is a part of that process. I wrote many things about myself just to share with all. The process of sharing is so powerful that in the process my friends started sharing back to me. They said they also have a part in them which they don’t like. I said …what??? Some of them who were so famous and known, those perfect people  also had the same or similar experience as I had. They also had that unwanted and inadequate part of their own. It’s not required to share the details of our concerns, but just acknowledging that ‘I too have my concerns’ and then actually accepting those make a difference. The key I got is to ‘Accept myself the way I am“…I am now accepting myself the way I am…I am accepting myself with my imperfections…Now on accepting myself I feel very much adequate and I can definitely say “I AM ENOUGH”.

a littleBIGthing

Chhoti Si Baat!!!


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little BIG things is just a time-ticking countdown of 999 little BIG things. Launched March, 2011 and updated every day.
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