#923 The lunchbox

Can watching something which you see everyday anyways be beautiful ? Answer is yes, answer is The Lunchbox. Reality and nostalgia was my experience throughout the movie. All character were like my own known people of ages. People with whom I have interacted, worked with and most importantly touched by. I could see myself in those characters. One character which acts a toned down play as much as other roles is that of this city Mumbai itself. It gave me that ‘ been there done that’ kick. Eating 2 bananas for lunch, local train commuting, routine mornings and lonely evenings. And still it’s beautiful. Not much changes , modes and means may change.Still reality is routine, boredom in excitement , loneliness in chaos. And still it is beautiful .Absolutely beautiful.

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#924 Writing after a long time

My last post was in Sep 2012. It took 9 months to open my blog and scribble something. Is that good or bad ? Neither not writing for so long is bad nor writing (or to restart writing) is good. The point is not to find the good and bad in it. What I think is really important is to ‘do something’. To be in action. It might be only small step for few of us …I would say for most of us. But this small step can make a huge difference in the long run. All great things achieved in life started small. Thus taking action matters. Breaking pattern matters.

taking small actions like writing after a long time …is a littlebigthing 🙂

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#925 Holding innocence

Holding innocence…alittleBIGthing 🙂

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#926 Friendship

Novels and films have always romanticized friendship,same as it has done with love. For me friendship is not like ” tere jaisa yaar kahan, kaha aaise yaraana”. No it’s not all the friends we see on social media like Facebook and twitter. It’s not all those who we meet in our different walks of life. It’s that one special or at most a very few special ones. Friendship is more of a Space than just a relationship. It’s a space for me to be myself in this world of pretense and hypocrisy. Its here that i can authentically express my true self with no fear of losing the person or getting misunderstood. I can be selfish, I can be manipulative , I can be whatever I am and yet get accepted. Like an unconditional acceptance. It’s a space to feel protected and taken care off no matter what comes in life. It’s also about taking complete responsibility and owning this relationship. It’s almost everything as in love except it’s logical ( and mostly tragical) end of getting married, and fortunately so.
When my career, my relationships, my marriage, my health, my finances, my life doesn’t seem to work…there is this one special person who stands by me and gives me the confidence that it will be All Right.

Jaane Kyun Dil Jaanta Hai.., Tu Hai To, I’ ll Be All Right… AlittleBIGthing 🙂

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#927 Growing with a star


Growing with a star

I am not an Amitabh Bachan fan. I have watched Sholay 37 times, Don 43 times and Deewar ? …have stopped counting. The words amitabh bachan (or rather it was amitabachan then ) came to me first as an idiom in childhood and not as a name. Anyone doing anything heroic, anything amazing was called amitabachan. The childhood fascination for action and fight kept me away from silsila and chupke-chupke kinda movies. Which I had to catch later in my life only to appreciate them more. His eyes , voice, posture, body language and conviction in any character were mesmerizing. I don’t have to write of his acting skills here and anyways I am not an Amitabh Bachan fan. The learning as I grew was in his commitment and passion for his work. His fight back attitude in both emotional and physical crisis he has gone through in his life. The modesty and humility towards others. When in KBC he says to a common man “aap jaise sajjan ko milne ka mauka mujhe mila” I can tell you that sajjan will not sleep for a week. His mastery in various topics yet the ability to be a lifelong student. His openness to learn new things is what thrills me. How many born in 1940’s even know what twitter is. While publishing this post it’s his 805th day on twitter. And the tweets are interesting, inspiring and informing…always. Although I am not an Amitabh Bachan fan.
Watching movies , enjoying songs, repeating dialogues of stars is an awesome experience but growing with a star is…alittleBIGthing 🙂

“sunna hai lift ki deewaron ke kaan nahi hote”

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#928 love marriage

Love marriage

“We didn’t allowed marriage to spoil our friendship” is the famous line of the famous duo Javed Ahktar and Shabana Azmi. Marriage has that potential to spoil friendship , to spoil love. As Natasha Badhwar writes “Marriage is an accident-prone adventure. It gets hijacked, kidnapped, derailed, distracted and exhausted. Marriage can become a pile of resentments.” The dynamics of marriage is not just about two people, it’s about two families and two cultures. More damagingly it’s about two egos. If its a structure to bring togetherness then that togetherness itself is a platform for over-exposure of each other. A stage to let expectations lead to frustrations. But being married doesn’t keep you away from LOVE, only if you could clearly distinguish it. Love is innocent and need nurturing. It needs hand holding till it can start walking. Especially at times when the legs are weak and floor is hard. Love is when you kiss on HER forehead when she is in deep sleep. Love is walking with her in one umbrella , laughing with her watching a movie . Love is fixing the cable connection so she doesn’t miss on her favorite TV serial. Marriage is not mandatory (actually not necessary) …love is.

a little big thing!!!

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#929 Jugaad…frugal innovation whose time has come

It is an idea, whose time has come. Jugaad also known as frugal innovation is not new. Necessities and lack of resources to fulfill them gives birth to Jugaad and its happening for donkey’s ages in India. Jugaad is a Hindi word that in a nutshell refers to making do with what one has to solve one’s problems. But it’s not just a word but a mindset. Although this kind of frugal innovation is now widely used across industries for value addition and business development but its basis lies in the day to day handling of life problems or meeting necessities. It can be seen in people using cooked rice to stick postage stamps and envelops instead of glue, a wife using a tin box to match her height with husband for a couple photograph, students using waste blank papers to bind and make a new notebook. This and many such Jugaad is done by people from different groups and can be a miraculous solution to persisting problems. But as many great things which happen at grass root levels rarely get highlighted and institutionalized for a greater good same is true with Jugaad. So what’s now needed is to come up with another Jugaad to take these local innovations to solve Global issues. And such a JUGAAD is definitely an idea whose time has come.     

A little BIG thing !!!

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#930 Diary writing

Dear Diary,

You are who I am. For me, of me and by me. I can at times fool and cheat myself but not you because truthfulness is at the heart of your existence. Hiding anything from you actually takes away your soul and makes you just a bunch of papers. You make me laugh, you make me cry, and you make me get in touch with myself. While writing in you I relive my experiences of the day. That’s why I prefer to meet you at night before I sleep. So I can be with you along with all my feelings of the day. Right from early morning when I woke up, the way I planned my day and what I could actually accomplish. I share with you how I liked working with someone, how someone pissed me off or rather how I allowed myself to get pissed off :). You capture the current phase of my life, my emotions, my dreams, my victories and my defeats. You track my career, my health, and my relationships. You also give me an opportunity to go in past through your old pages which most of the times makes me laugh on myself.   Thanks to you I don’t have to wait for years to plunge myself in some holy river for “emotional cleansing”. You are my easy and simple access for daily Catharsis. I can vent my anger, share my grief, and cry my heart out and still you never complain. At end of my writing every night when I wish you “good night”, it’s a great feeling. It’s like I wishing myself, and why won’t it be? as anyways…You are who I am.

catch you tonight…

alittleBIGthing 🙂


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#931 short Stories

 When we hear the word “story” the one person who comes to our mind is Grandma. She is the master story teller.  

 One day Akbar was simply chatting with his friends. He had around him the very best, wisest, most creative people chosen from every part of the country. They were speaking, Akbar all of the sudden slapped Birbal for no apparent reason. Now one cannot slap the Emperor back, but Birbal was a clever man .So Birbal slapped the person who was standing right next to him.

Everybody thought, “This is strange!”There was no reason in the first place for Akbar’s slap. Suddenly, as if some madness had seized Akbar, he has slapped poor Birbal. And the victim also reacted strangely. Rather than asking, “Why have you slapped me?” he simply slapped the man by his side! and that man, thinking perhaps this was the norm at the Court, slapped the next person. In a chain reaction, the slap went all around the Court.

 That night, Akbar’s wife slapped him! and he asked, “Why are you slapping me?”

She said,” What a question – a Game is a Game.”He asked, “Who told you that this is a game?” She said ,”We have been hearing the whole day long that a great game has begun in the Court. The only rule is that you cannot hit the person back, you have to find somebody else to slap. And somebody has slapped me, so I slapped you. I think your slap has come back to you. The game is now complete!”

 Moral of this story: Make sure you start something which you want to receive.The world is big, it takes time to return. But everything comes back to its source – it is one of the fundamental rules of life.

Starting a good BIG game is awesome…listening a little short story is …a littleBIGthing 🙂

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#932 smelling coffee

You wake up and you smell “COFFEE”. Awesome.


It’s also an idiom. ‘To wake up and smell coffee’ is actually to do something about the things that matter to us and also bother us. It’s about taking ACTION. Insecurities, frustrations, low confidence, inhibitions, incomplete plans, anxiety, nervousness, depression, feeling low, procrastination can all be sorted in a jiffy, just by taking ACTION. So wake up and smell coffee… a littleBIGthing 🙂

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